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Sterling Silver Adjustable Angel Wing Ring with dangles ~ Miscarriage, Stillbirth, Infant and Child Loss Jewelry ~ ROB-MSM

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Silver Angel Wing Ring

Two angel wings made of sterling silver wrap around your finger to form this gorgeous keepsake ring in remembrance of your angel.  The ring is adjustable and starts at a size 7 and will stretch to a 9.  

The ring can also be stacked with another one, so mothers who have had more than one loss can add on.

Please select the initial and gemstone/birthstone below. 

You also have the option to have an additional stone if there is a birth and loss date for $3.00 extra.

Birthstone Choices:

Jan (Garnet)
Feb (Amethyst)
March (Aquamarine)
April (Diamond)
May (Emerald)
June (Light Amethyst)
July (Ruby)
August (Peridot)
Sep (Sapphire)
October (Tourmaline)
Nov (Topaz)
Dec (Blue Zircon)

Designed by Michaela Hagenow.  All of her pieces are made with love in memory of her son Carter who lived for 8 short weeks.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for design due to high demand.


Our Price:  $45.00  

Units:       Each

Approximate Shipping Time:
3 weeks for delivery

Initial to be used? (1 extra circle can be added)
Circle Initial 1 -:
Maximum: 1
Additional Circle Initial 2 -:
Maximum: 1

Birthstone Choice (Included in price)
January (Garnet)
February (Amethyst)
March (Aquamarine)
April (Diamond)
May (Emerald)
June (Light Amethyst)
July (Ruby)
August (Peridot)
September (Sapphire)
October (Tourmaline)
November (Topaz)
December (Blue Zircon)

Additional Birthstone (If Desired)
No Thank You
January (Garnet) ...Add $4.00
February (Amethyst) ...Add $4.00
March (Aquamarine) ...Add $4.00
April (Diamond) ...Add $4.00
May (Emerald) ...Add $4.00
June (Light Amethyst) ...Add $4.00
July (Ruby) ...Add $4.00
August (Peridot) ...Add $4.00
September (Sapphire) ...Add $4.00
October (Tourmaline) ...Add $4.00
November (Topaz) ...Add $4.00
December (Blue Zircon) ...Add $4.00
Pearl ...Add $4.00

Ring Disclosure
Yes I understand this ring will not stretch past a 9. Doing so will cause the ring to break. When first putting on the ring please size accordingly to desired finger so you are able to slide the ring on and off your finger. There is no need to constantly reopen/resize the ring. All rings have been inspected and are non refundable.

Please Check Your Order:
Yes. My order above is correct. I have double checked it.
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